Ducati has announced that it will reveal its 2020 model range on 23rd October at a special event in Rimini. But what new models should we expect to see?

There’s already quite a lot of information about some of the bikes that will be joining the Ducati range next year, so here’s a summary of the bikes that we definitely know will be coming, plus a few predictions about other models that could join the line-up.

Ducati has announced the date for its 2020 model range launch – but what will be revealed?

A stock Monster 1200 Anniversario lurks under the cover in Ducati’s image

The first thing to clear up is the teaser image that accompanied Ducati’s ‘save the date’ announcement about its 2020 range. Is the bike under that iconic red cover a real new 2020 machine?

As it turns out, the answer is ‘no’. Although little can be seen through the Ducati-branded bike cover, we can distinctly make out the shape of the stacked tail pipe and see the bottom edges of the wheels. Combine those clues with positions of protrusions like the bars, mirrors and indicators, as well as the shape of the seat and tank, and it becomes clear that this is a Ducati Monster. More specifically, it’s the Monster 1200 25th Anniversario, which was launched in June last year. The gold Marchesini wheels are the giveaway.

We might have to wait until 23rd October to see whether Bennett’s predictions are right, but keep an eye open in the meantime since we’ll do our best to bring any spy photos or leaked information before the official launch date.

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