The fast-paced six-part TV series will be broadcast each week, following daredevil Zef Eisenberg as he scours the nation to meet fellow ‘Speed Freaks’. Whether they’ve fitted a 24,000cc W12 aero-engine into a car, or hand-built a full Dakar off-road racer, Eisenberg gets into the mindset, behind the wheel, under the bonnet and in to the saddle of Britain’s fastest cars and motorbikes.

What Is It?

ITV4 – Wednesday 7 August, 9pm and every Wed after… Speed Freaks – Ultra-speed bike racer and land speed records legend Zef Eisenberg is aiming to become the first person to drive a car at 200 mph on the iconic Pendine Sands. Speed on sand poses a unique set of challenges, so Zef is going to have to take on the laws of physics to find new ways of going faster. To help him, he has assembled a team of fellow Speed Freaks who will push cars to the limits of performance in a bid to help Zef achieve this historic record.

Each 60-minute episode features extreme wacky vehicles, major modifications and maxed up tuning, adrenaline-filled racing action, feats of engineering combined with the lots of laughter, stress, and drama – A must-see for any petrolhead!

Each week watch Eisenberg as he challenges his own MADMAX Race Team to take a different vehicle and turn it in to the fastest machine of its kind before he braves life and limb to test it to its full potential.

The knowledge gleaned during the shows play a crucial part in helping Zef and the MADMAX Race Team to build a crazy 1200hp specially road-legal Porsche 911 Turbo to set the all outright speed record at Pendine Sands.

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