The team over at recently completed a look into one of the UK’s premier tracks in quite a unique fashion with a guide to the track by the hugely talented James Ellison.

One of the hardest, trickiest and balls-out tracks on the Bennetts British Superbike calendar is Oulton Park, it has everything to test the best the UK has to offer, so we wanted to find out exactly how to ride the Cheshire roller-coaster.

Who better for BikeSocial to ask and spend 20 minutes with to find the tricks of the trade than Smiths Racing BMW’s James Ellison, the man with the most experience on this year’s BSB grid.

Oulton has a special place in the heart of the former MotoGP man, it’s his local track which holds emotional memories of his late father, exciting victories and scary high speeds ‘offs’, so let’s go for a lap of the track with ‘Jamez.’

Home straight to turn one (Old Hall)

“I’m in fifth gear across the line, it feels fast because you’re going past the pit-wall, it feels like you’re going down a tunnel. You’re touching about 140 to 150 miles per hour with your foot over the rear brake because the thing is trying to wheelie.

“With Oulton Park, it has a lot of character, you have plenty of bumps, undulations and tarmac changes, so you stay to the left for turn one because there is a big patch of tarmac that has a lot less bumps on it.

“So, you’ll see everyone on the left-hand side to get their braking marker, because if you’re too far to the right, the bumps kick the rear wheel off the ground. I go down two gears then I throw her right for Old Hall.”

For the full guide, please take a moment to visit the website by clicking here.