ACU Events, the organisation responsible for running the Isle of Man TT, has outlined a raft of safety measures following the investigation into the collision of a course car with rider Steve Mercer last year.

The Jones Inquiry was commissioned to review all safety procedures during TT fortnight after the collision and has made recommendations, most of which relate to the structure of ACU Events itself.

The following recommendations have been put in place – or will be ahead of TT 2019:

  • Improved Training for all Senior Race Officials. A comprehensive Table Top exercise took place at the Grandstand on 3rd April.
  • Improved and more structured Marshal training
  • Emphasis on Competitors reading and understanding the rules and regulations for the event
  • More in-depth rider briefings
  • TETRA radio training for all officials
  • GPS Tracking devices to be fitted to all non-race vehicles
  • All Course Cars/Course Inspection Car and TTMA response cars to have warning lights fitted to the roof of the vehicle
  • Imposed speed limits on all Course Cars
  • A more comprehensive Event Safety Plan
  • The appointment of an Event Safety Officer

In addition to the above, both the ACU and ACU Events Ltd, have made structural changes to its staffing in ACU Head Office with Gary Thompson’s sole responsibility within ACU Events Ltd being that as TT Clerk of the Course.

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