The Club is delighted to announce that Mark Smith-Halvorsen, owner of has agreed to sponsor the Clubman 1000 Series at Bemsee for 2019. The support will repeat the format we’ve used in recent seasons with there being £40 spot prizes on offer at Saturday evening trophy presentations for Clubman riders. The year-end will see the Championship winners in Clubman 1000 receive £500, £300 and £200 awards at the Club’s Dinner Dance. will sit alongside support for the Powerbike Series, from Reactive Parts also, with the same prize structure for 2019. was launched in July 2018 and is the UK’s first and only classified – ads site, focussed 100% on the modern UK motorcycle racing and trackday fraternity. It provides a no-nonsense platform for riders to advertise all manner of race-related items – including Bikes, Spares, Race Transport and Garage, Paddock and Pitlane items.

Mark explains the desire to set it up: “I knew that there was so much kit out there – not being passed onto people that wanted or needed it, just because eBay and other forums, mean wasting time and dealing with silly comments and often a lack of genuine interest. Riders and Teams have thousands of things they want to sell, because they are making a change, or just have it sitting on the shelf”

Mark added:“The sport is developed and sustained by the Clubs that organise our race meetings – we are proud to be associated with the tremendous people at BMCRC. Before – I spent many years racing a 1000cc motorcycle. I look back with fond memories of all of my time in the saddle – particularly going through the baptism of fire, once you first learn to push on! The sponsorship not only puts something back into the sport I love and have learned so much from – but also helps promote the site and its purpose in a slightly broader, less direct manner.”

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