Even as the season begins to change, #ride5000miles members are riding more than ever. Right now, they are heading out on road trips in a bid to complete their 5000-mile target and have vowed to keep on riding well into winter.

Reader Gareth Mayfield is taking advantage of the good weather while he can, with a tour of the Austrian Alps on his KTM Super Duke GT, the completion of his big-mile target and a dream ride back.


“I’ve just done my 5000 miles and my first 1000-mile ride in a day! I left Austria at 2am with a challenge of being in Rugby at 3pm. I absolutely loved it. Used seven tanks of fuel though.”

For some, the cooler climes are the perfect time for biking. “We’ve had an absolutely fantastic (and long) summer but I have to admit, it’s been a bit hot at times for biking! I much prefer the temperatures we’re having now and those we’re likely to have over the next two or three months. Stop biking soon? Nah, I’m just getting comfortable!”

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